MCAST is the leading vocational education provider in Malta with a course provision that spans from MQF Introductory Level A to MQF Level 7. In 2015 MCAST conducted a large-scale restructuring endeavour which comprises the reorganisation of its remit into three colleges, namely the Foundation College, the Technical College and the University College. This was coupled with the design and redesign of MCAST’s curricula to provide an attractive course offering that meets industrial needs. Another important aspect of this large-scale endeavour is the objective to make knowledge increasingly more accessible.

Within this context, MCAST is releasing a large number of e-modules between October and December 2016 in the areas of ICT, Creative Arts, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Community Service.

Fee Structure
Follow e-modules independently – FREE (includes a certificate/transcript of participation)
Acquire a formal accredited certificate – Fees shall be announced at a later stage (includes 3 face-to-face tutorials, 1 formal written examination session and an accredited certificate)


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